Frequently Asked Questions

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[av_toggle title=’Do I need to choose a date for my tour?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl7qpou’ sc_version=’1.0′]
Yes. When making a reservation, you’ll need to select a date you’d like to hop-on the trolley bus. If you’re touring with us for more than one day, your ticket must be used across consecutive days, with the date you select during booking serving as the first day of your tour. If your ticket has extra inclusions or experiences, you may also need to book dates and times for these inclusions after your purchase is complete via our Booking Portal. For more information, please see the instructions on your booking confirmation email.
[av_toggle title=’Where can I buy a Hop-On, Hop-Off ticket for the tour?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl7u3i4′ sc_version=’1.0′]
You can purchase tickets either on our website, from an on street Great Canadian Trolley Co staff member, on the bus, from a trusted retailer such as your hotel concierge, or at one of our key sales points. Please note that for hygiene reasons we only accept credit or debit card so that all parties can avoid handling cash.
[av_toggle title=’Tell me about The Great Canadian Trolley Company, Vancouver’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl7y73n’ sc_version=’1.0′]
Hop on board with The Great Canadian Trolley Company to discover the City of Vancouver from the city’s only fleet of “San Francisco” Style Trolley Buses! You’re free to hop on and off at any stop to explore Vancouver in more detail, hopping on and rejoining the tour when you’re ready.

The Great Canadian Trolley Company offers a scenic Sightseeing + City Attractions route around Vancouver. Tickets are available for 1-day or 2-day hop-on, hop-off sightseeing.
[av_toggle title=’What can I see and visit?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl84px4′ sc_version=’1.0′]
Our Vancouver City Sightseeing + City Attractions route showcases Vancouver’s must-see spots including the Stanley Park, Robson Street Shopping District, Granville Island, and more!

There are multiple stops across our route where you can hop on and off your bus tour. We hand selected each stop because it provides convenient access to a must see attraction or place of interest. You can hop on and off the Trolley tour as many times as you wish, and are of course welcome to stay on board for the entire tour loop. Please visit our Discover Vancouver page to learn more about what to see and do in Vancouver.
[av_toggle title=’Is luggage allowed on board the bus?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl87ztq’ sc_version=’1.0′]
No, luggage is not permitted on board the bus at this time.
[av_toggle title=’I am waiting at a stop and don’t see any buses, what do I do?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl8bl1f’ sc_version=’1.0′]
Hang in there! Cities like to throw all sorts of challenges at our drivers, who are doing their best to get to you as quickly, and safely, as possible. If you haven’t done so already, check our Live Bus Map to see in real time if a Trolley bus is heading your way.
[av_toggle title=’Can I use a two-day pass on different days?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl8dnyv’ sc_version=’1.0′]
You’ll need to enjoy your pass across consecutive days, so a two-day pass redeemed on Tuesday means your pass is valid on Tuesday and Wednesday.
[av_toggle title=’Are the prices in Canadian or American dollars?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lqbudkgg’ sc_version=’1.0′]
Our prices are in Canadian Dollars. Canadian sales tax (GST) is already included in our ticket price, and we don’t charge any booking fees. What you see is what you pay!
[av_toggle title=’On which days does the Hop-On, Hop-Off tour operate?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl8h14a’ sc_version=’1.0′]
The Great Canadian Trolley Company operates our Hop-On, Hop-Off Sightseeing + Attractions Tour every day. On rare occasions, our service may be affected by events outside of our control. Please check our Service Information page for up-to-date service information.
[av_toggle title=’How will I know where to get off?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl8hs99′ sc_version=’1.0′]
The commentary on the bus will announce hop-off stops as the bus arrives at each location, allowing you to hop off at your leisure.
[av_toggle title=’Is it possible to hire the Trolley buses for a private event?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lnl8li6j’ sc_version=’1.0′]
Yes, Our Trolley buses as well as our other vehicles are available to hire for rental or for private charters. Please have a look at our Charter page to find out more, view our vehicle options on our Fleet Line Up page or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.
[av_toggle title=’Are the tours weather dependent?’ tags=” custom_id=” av_uid=’av-lqbug6nc’ sc_version=’1.0′]
Our tours operate rain or shine! Regardless of the weather, we assure you that your day will be spectacular.